Get up on the Get Down

by Avenue Eight

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released November 25, 2016

Avenue Eight is:
Franco - bass, vocals
Matt - keys, vocals
Justin - guitar
Fano - drums
Ossi - vocals
Felipe - auxiliary percussion
Fitz, Joe, John, Murph - The Avenue Eight Horns

Produced by Avenue Eight and Rishabh Singh
Sound engineer: Rishabh Singh
Mixed & Mastered by: Rishabh Singh
Recorded at MAD Dragon Studios

Artwork by Jess Fulford and Matt Coakley



all rights reserved


Avenue Eight Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Funk/pop/soul music from Philly. We have 11 people in our band ("Avenue Eight? More like Avenue Eleven!") and we have a really good time trying to fit ourselves onto small stages. Someday we're gonna be the next T.O.P. but for now we sound like a poor man's Bruno Mars and we're really okay with that. ... more

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Track Name: Get up on the Get Down
Dance, get on your feet
Don't be afraid
Get taken by this funky beat

Move, you know it's right
Move yourself and
Groove out all through the night

All through the night, all through the night
Lose yourself and groove out
All through the night, all through the night

Get up on the get down
Get up on the get down (get up)
Get up on the get down
Get up on the get down (get up)

Girl, now don't be shy
Don't fight that funky feeling
You've got deep inside

When you and I collide
We'll keep on bumpin'
Keep on groovin' through the night

All through the night, all through the night
We'll keep on bumpin', keep on groovin'
Through the night, all through the night

Now when the group was really starting to jam
The big man came to the front of the band
Step up to the stage to the mic and say,
"Come on, everybody now clap your hands"

The club was hot, the line was out to the street
And everyone was looking to get out of their seat
But if you really want to get the people movin' their feet
Then all you gotta give em is the bass and that beat

(I know you need it
I know you want it
I know you need it
So baby let me see it, girl)
Track Name: At Your Door
It’s been a while since I’ve done you wrong
But I haven’t felt this feeling for so long
And I know you deserve the whole world
And someone in that world
Thinkin’ ‘bout you

But if you give me some of your sweet time
I want you what I feel inside
Thinkin’ ‘bout you

It’s an explosion, a fire
I gave into desire
This feeling, I can’t hide it no more
And if you feel it, don’t resist
Just love me and I’ll promise
That I’ll always be at your door

You said you’d never talk to me again
But I can’t let what we had just simply end
And regardless of all this nonsense
I can’t keep myself from thinkin’ ‘bout you

So if you could just give me one more try
I swear to you I won’t mess up this time
Thinkin’ ‘bout you

Oh baby, I wish I could press rewind
Back to when I was yours, and you were mind
Oh girl, I just can’t get you off my mind
I want to show what’s inside
Track Name: Buzz Off
I looked and saw you standing there across the way
I can't believe my luck that I would see you today
I'm glad I caught you before you had to move far away
So I can finally look you in the eyes and say

Why don't you go buzz off
Why don't you go buzz off
I'll miss you like Jesus missed the cross
Why don't you go buzz off

I felt it in my heart since the moment we met
That you're the kind of guy that people want to forget
It just feels so good to get this off my chest
Pardon my French, but you can choke on my baguette

Go buzz off, why don't ya go buzz off
Track Name: Carried Away
Troubled times in troubled space
Different fears for different days
But some things it seems never change

A time of violence and no peace
Suffering but no relief
A better world just out of reach

Give me something to believe in
A way to change the things we're seeing
We can't do it alone

Carried away

Bleeding bodies, bleeding hearts
Second chances, brand new starts
Where do we go when we've gone too far?

Rich or poor that we may be
Broken bones and broken dreams
Shatter the same -- piece by piece

If one suffers, then who is to blame?
How can there be joy among such pain?
We must look beyond ourselves

Carried away
I get carried away
Track Name: One & Only One
Hey baby
What's the news today?
What's been going on?

I know you're not here--
It won't be for a while
'Til then, I'll just move along

And I know you're out there
So I won't be scared
To take my sweet time

They say it ain't true
(the one and only one)
That I can't count on you
(the one and only one)
That's not what people do,
My one and only one
But they don't know,
They don't got anything to prove

Hey baby,
I know it might sound strange
But I'm happy just to wait

And I might not know
The time or know the place
But I know I love you before I know your name

Some people might say
(the one and only one)
You won't find it these days
(the one and only one)
But I hope and I'll pray,
My one and only one
That once I find you,
I'll never let you get away
Track Name: Mr. Minor
My reflection in the mirror,
But I don't know what I'm seeing
Familiar shapes but they're all shifting
Am I still me if I look different?

Give me one more reason not to live as I do
If I lose everything, then why try to stay true?
When did being me become the hardest thing I'd have to do?
I wish I had nothing to lose

Can't sleep at night 'cause I'm just thinking
When the hell did things get different?
Was it true that I knew better?
Or is there just something I'm scared of?

I don't need to, I don't want to change myself
I couldn't do it anyway
Because I know that what it means to someone else
Doesn't mean a thing to me